Mathieu Pouliot

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My job

As one of the two founding members of the group I work to bring new images and I bargain with outfitters and guides from around the world to bring back breathtaking images. I often took risks to bring these images, but it's in my nature.


Who am I

I sincerely believe that hard work brings, regardless of the time that I have to invest in it, it is very important to have goals and to do our best to attain them. I am a sensitive person who loves people around me, I like to find myself in a group in the forest and join our talents in a common goal to fist or hunt.


My trips

My job led me to travel around the world and to take rare images that are unconventional for most hunters. I have often been reckless, but the pictures are worth it.

contact me

I take the time to read all the messages, I always say to the best of my knowledge






Mathieu Pouliot
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